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What Separates Us From The Pack?

Our Guarantee

We are confident in our ability to get you to your goals. Some of our programs come with money back guarantees to ensure you, and TEAM REV stay focused on the end result!


How Do We Get You Great Results?
Proper Program Design, Nutritional Guidance And Tons Of Accountability

We use cutting edge program design featuring HIIT and MRT training styles to provide you with maximum intensity in minimal time. TEAM REV coaches keep you motivated and interested in the workouts by using constant variation. You can attend multiple times per week and never do the same workout twice. All workouts will leave your body in an "afterburn" state, causing you to burn calories at an elevated state for up to 48 hours after your workout! Awesome!

All programs include nutritional guidance, recipes, meal plans and grocery lists to make eating healthy as easy as possible. Need a customized plan? No problem. We'll sit down with you and set up a plan that works for YOUR life.

You will learn how to set goals and achieve them by writing them down, reviewing them daily, staying on track and attacking your goals in small, attainable sections. "A goal not written down is just a dream."

Be prepared to be held accountable to yourself and your goals with bi-weekly assessments of weight, bodyfat, inches, muscle gain, and visceral fat levels. Fall off the wagon or miss a scheduled session? You'll hear from us.
We want to see you succeed.

  • Goals Attained

    Nearly 90% of our clients hit their goals annually.

  • Client Retention

    Over 70% of our clients stay with us beyond 2 years as active members. When's the last time you used YOUR gym membership?.

  • Addictive Workouts

    Over 88% of our clients attend 2 or more workouts per week. They're that addictive!

  • Awesomeness!

    TEAM REV clients are like family to us. You're all 100% awesome!


The rockstar fitness coaches that are going to get you to your goals!

Jamie Rupert

Owner/Fitness Coach


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