20 In 6 Challenge


We are not your typical gym or health club. WHY?



Yes, you heard that right. Join our program and if you hit the goal and lose 20 lbs or more in 6 weeks, we’ll give you your money back. That’s right- If you can hit the 20 lb. target in 6 weeks we will refund you the entire program cost of $99! You have nothing to lose and there is NO risk. You are going to lose weight and you can do it for FREE!

( BTW almost everyone hits this goal)

That is a GUARANTEE.

I’m not going to lie to you.

I plan on using your transformation to market my business and feed my family.

Stop right now and ask yourself how many times you have seen ANY fitness business or program GUARANTEE your results? It just doesn’t happen.

We have mountains of evidence that our programs work. Testimonials from super happy clients and before/after pics that show why they are so happy.

I want YOU to join that group.

I want you to succeed because if you succeed, I succeed – that’s called a WIN-WIN situation.

I will use all the resources at my disposal to help guarantee your success and all you have to do is follow the rules and put in the effort. Very simple.

The workouts are notorious for being fun, fast-paced and highly energetic and they will have you looking and feeling better in no time.


Two of our newest members in this program have lost 9 lbs and 11 lbs in the first 2 weeks!! They’ve also lost a combined 10 inches!!

You will have full access to all of our coaching experience, tips and tricks. In fact our entire arsenal is at your disposal because we want to see you succeed at this.

Since 2010 our clients have dropped nearly 10,000 lbs! I know my system works. In fact I’ve seen it happen so many times that if you are not successful with our system, then I know it is not us…it’s you. You get what you put in, and if you are not committed to your goals, I don’t want your business.

We have a culture of hard work equaling great results, no B.S, no shortcuts. It is proven and it works.

If you are finally ready to commit to yourself, your health and your goals, then sign up below. Fill out the form to apply for the program.




I Do Not Accept Everyone Who Applies Into This Program- I Am Putting My Reputation On The Line And If You Aren’t Going To Follow The Guidelines, I Don’t Want You.

I Need To Be Sure That You Are Going To Follow The Instructions And Be Hardcore Dedicated For The Full 6 Weeks

I Also Need To Be Sure That You Are Compatible With Our Systems And Our Team

If You Are Accepted Be Ready To Seriously Change Your Lifestyle And Attitude, And To Finally Get Results!



* If accepted into the program you will receive an email with a payment link, and info to get you started. We will also call you to set up your initial desk date.

What do you get for the $99 program fee?

*2 week detox meal plan

*follow-up 3 week continuous meal plan with recipes/grocery list/menu

*up to 3 group sessions per week

*unlimited text/email/phone coaching and support

*access to our monthly newsletter featuring tips/recipes/inspirational stories and more

All you have to do is attend the classes, follow the meal plans, and give it your all.

You WILL lose weight. You WILL lose inches. You WILL lose bodyfat.

When you hit the 20 lb. goal in 6 Weeks you WILL get your money back! It’s guaranteed!!


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