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Now That You’ve Screwed Up Your Metabolism…Part 2

In the last installment we discussed how your body can stop releasing bodyfat and start storing it, making you gain weight even though you “watch what you eat, and exercise all the time!”

We ended that segment by introducing you to the fact that if you want to reset your metabolism and get things working again, you may have to actually start eating…a lot more.

This means that you have to bring your calories up to maintenance levels and stay there for at least two weeks.

Yes, you might gain some weight eating at maintenance levels, but that is to be expected,you were starving yourself before! Remember that a lot of that added weight is going to be water and muscle glycogen ( which is good)…and we’re thinking long term here right? Gaining a little is going to help you lose more in the long run. We have to correct the problem or it is just going to stay the same or get worse.

Rough estimates would say that 14x your bodyweight in calories is a good starting point for most people to get to maintenance, and itĀ  may even be less than that if you aren’t as seriously slowed down metabolically.

Once you have stayed at that level for 2 weeks try a 10% reduction in caloriesĀ  for two weeks and see what happens. If you start losing again then stay at that level until you either hit your goal, or you plateau again. If you aren’t seeing progress reduce another 10% and try it again.

Keep in mind that having planned periods of maintenance level eating is actually a great method of continued fat loss ( many people do this by having a cheat day) Cheating spikes your metabolism, kicks on the fat-burning furnace and gets your metabolism revving again, so it only makes sense that two weeks of higher level caloric intake would have a good effect.

For a little further education watch this video by Scott Abel and Kevin Weiss on metabolic slowdown, how it happens, why it happens and how to fix it.

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