Everyone Wants It, But Nobody Wants To Work For It

An interesting statistic came across my email this morning.

It says that 55 million Americans join a gym or start a diet every single year (yes, I know we live in Canada and I’m sure the percentages are the same, so bear with me.)

And what was the #1 Goal of these 55 million people?

Fat loss.

They wanted to lose weight, transform their bodies and finally look and feel like the person that they’ve always wanted to be- fit and healthy.

But in spite of these 55,000,000 people’s best intentions, fewer than 10% are successful in losing weight and keeping it off.


The typical dieter makes 4 weight loss attempts per year and quits after just 1 month.

The typical person who joins a gym quits or stops going regularly after just 90 days.

That’s more than 49,500,000 people who invested their money and their time in transforming their bodies and their lives, that FAILED.

That’s a lot of people out there that didn’t get results and are still looking for someone to train them, coach them and lead them to the results that their own efforts, fad diets and other gyms couldn’t give them.

Why do so many people give up the ghost and fail, only to try again and again?

One simple reason- getting fit and healthy is hard work!

Think about it, there is almost no effort involved in getting fat and out of shape. It’s not hard to be inactive and live a sedentary lifestyle. It’s not hard to eat crap and drink your face off. It’s not hard to watch television for hours, sit on your phone or sleep late.

It’s hard to follow a healthy eating plan. It’s hard to drag your butt to the gym and kick your own ass during your workout ( or have a professional kick it for you 😉

It’s hard to change a lifetime worth of bad habits, to be the person at the party not drinking and not eating all the garbage that everyone else is. It’s hard to crawl out of bed the day after an intense workout, when your muscles ache and you can’t get up off the toilet.

It’s hard to stay the course when your spouse and kids aren’t on the boat with you. It’s hard to plan your meals ahead and pack them to bring with you so you don’t stop off for that fast food.

The list could go on forever……

The fact is so many people fail because they expect the journey to be effortless. They think that going for a run and having a green smoothie is magically going to knock 40 pounds off and give them a nicely defined set of abs.

If becoming a fit and lean version of your current self was easy, we wouldn’t be in the midst of the biggest obesity epidemic in history. Yes,the WHO recently decided that obesity is a disease. In reality the disease is laziness, lack of focus and weak effort. The disease is improper or too much conflicting information. The disease is thinking you can’t do it and just giving up.

You can do anything you put your mind to if you work for it. You need to be laser targeted on your goals and do whatever you can to make sure nothing gets in your way. Every bump in the road that knocks you down should only serve to bring you back more determined.

If you let things sidetrack you, you will end up like everyone else-stuck in the endless cycle. You need to put in the work. Find pleasure in the pain of sore muscles, exhaustion, sweat and tears. Learn to enjoy healthy food. Commit to yourself and you can step out of the shadow of the statistics.

It won’t be easy. You WILL have to work your ass off and it WILL all be worth it in the end.