My Favourite Excuses…

With over 20 years of in the trenches personal fitness training experience, I’ve heard it all….really I have. I’ve come to realize that there really are very few viable excuses for people to use as reasons for their failures in their fitness ventures.

Since I’m feeling a wee bit humorous today, I’m going to break out a few of the best and most commonly used ones starting with:

“I Don’t Have Time To Exercise”


But you had time to watch Game of Thrones in its entirety last night. And you seem to have time to go ( where did you say you were going tonight- oh yes, out to dinner and drinking).

It takes less than 30 minutes of intense ( read body numbing, hard-ass work) physical activity daily to get fit and healthy. We all have that. Whether it means getting up 30 minutes earlier and doing a DVD or Web show at home, or getting a work out in on our lunch hour-we ALL have the time.

I have 4 kids aged 1-16 and run my own business and I have time to workout. So do you.


“I Watch What I Eat But I Can’t Lose Weight”

When I hear this I literally cringe inside.

This statement ALWAYS means one of two things: You eat incredibly healthy but you don’t eat anywhere near enough to satisfy your daily energy demands, OR, you do watch what you eat. You watch every horrible thing you eat and drink pass your lips and think that because you exercise it’s ok.

The vast majority of clients I speak with eat well. They eat clean and they eat every trendy health food on the planet. This also means that they usually severely under eat. They’ve been taught that they need to eat less calories and create a “caloric deficit” to lose weight. Unfortunately when a person is already under eating and doesn’t have the calorie intake required for basic body functions, they are already in a deficit. Adding exercise just makes it worse. A starving body will not let go of any added fat- it’s a self-preservation thing. The body wants to live. If you don’t feed it, it thinks it’s starving and will do what’s required to protect itself.

You can read many other blog articles on here to follow this more in depth.

The second kind of person is the worst.

They have the mindset that they are working out so they can eat what they want- they’ll just burn it off working out. That may be true, but ask yourself a question. If you are wasting every workout to burn off the crap that you ate throughout the day, or the night before, when are you burning off the extra 30 lbs. of bodyfat you’re already carrying?

Light bulb!

“I Can’t Do It”

This is heard predominantly from women during a difficult exercise.

Yes. Yes you can.

It may be hard. You may struggle. You may have to modify the exercise until you get a bit stronger, but you CAN do it.

Starting off anything with a negative mindset like that ensures that you are going to fail. If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t you won’t. It’s very simple.

I’ve seen tiny women out lift much bigger men. I’ve seen extremely overweight individuals have way better cardio than the skinny fat person standing next to them. I see 60 year olds outperform 20 year olds on a daily basis.

You can do anything you want to- you just have to work for it.

Eliminate these 4 words from your vocabulary today.

“I Have A Weak Back”

Maybe. Most likely you have a weak core. This comes from the society we live in that encourages us to slouch on our comfy couches, sit hunched over at our desks and do very little actual manual labour.

When your core gets stronger, your back will too. The two work in concert with one another. And stop slouching and hunching.

“I Have (X) Injury”

Yes, recent injuries have to be taken care of.

Although most of the time when someone mentions an injury the conversation goes like this :

“I have a knee injury”

Ok, and when did that happen?


Oh…….and what have you done to fix it?

“I just try not to use it”

(Trainer shakes his head in despair)

The human body is resilient. Stop babying it. If you don’t work to strengthen/correct/rebalance the areas of and surrounding an injury, then it will never get better. Even if it was an injury that required surgery, odds are that you went through physio/rehab. That shouldn’t have been the end of things. You should have continued making the supporting muscles and ligaments stronger and more flexible. You should NOT have just stopped and babied it for the rest of your life.

People live completely fit and active lives without limbs, and you’re afraid to exercise because you twisted your ankle in Grade 3? No excuse.

Hopefully this makes you stop and think before you try and spit out that next excuse. Is what you’re going to say really a viable excuse? We aren’t children anymore and we are in control of and responsible for what we get out of this life…make it count.