REV Camp


REV Camp is our entry level program and a great place to start your fitness journey.

About REV Camp

This program is the epitome of group dynamics. You will feel a high energy, and be positively motivated to push yourself to new levels along with other individuals. The program is based off HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training) and MRT ( Metabolic Resistance Training), both styles of training that have been proven to provide quick results, huge calorie burn, insane metabolic response, and still allows the coach to program in constant variety to prevent boredom burnout. These sessions hit capacity quite often and we are forced to turn people away. That’s the sign of a program that works!

Unlike many other group fitness programs, REV Camp has very small limited class sizes, average of about 15 people per camp. This allows your fitness coach to give personal attention and feedback to every participant at a fraction of the cost.
We have seen too many local programs with upwards of 60 people in a class, complete lack of trainer attention ( if the trainer is certified at all), people going through the motions or getting injured and the trainers not caring if you’re even there.
This is dangerous activity for everyone involved and definitely doesn’t help you to get results.

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