SGT ( Small Group Personal Training)

The world of fitness training is changing.

You don’t want to be at the gym for hours per day by yourself, nor do you want to be crammed into a massive group program where the instructors don’t even know your name.

Huge group sessions are designed to be generalized. This means that everyone will get “some” result from the sessions, but the results may not be specific to your individual goals and physical needs.

One:One Personal Training is an expensive option that only a few can afford for a long term basis. We realizeĀ  that many of our clients want to get the individual focus on their goals that is usually only available in a One:One setting, and that price is the main barrier for many clients.

What if you could get the service and results provided in One:One Training for an affordable cost?


At REVĀ  Fitness we recognize the need to change things.

Our SGT program combines individual personal training, with the energy and motivation of training in a group.

Train in groups of up to 6 people, with programs designed to focus on your individual goals, all while experiencing the fun and energy of training with a group of people who all want to achieve their goals too!

Our TEAM REV Fitness Coaches will design your training and nutrition program around your personal fitness goals and your level of ability.

Each member in your SGT group may have a completely different training and nutrition program, yet you will all benefit from the motivation that comes from training in a group- the high energy, the camaraderie, the group drive and determination.

We have taken the standard personal training model and flipped it on it’s head to provide you with a completely new style of personal training—and—-it costs way less than standard One:One Personal Training!!




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