Vicki Lalonde

 So my journey began in the summer of 2008.  A friend of mine wanted to join the Running Factory s Learn to Run Clinic and asked me to join with her.  I took one look at myself and told her “I don t run”. I was 170lbs and not at all happy!
But that s where it began. I did ok the first week. We ran for one minute intervals. But when week two came and I was supposed to run for 2 minutes. I thought I was going to die!  Literally!  But I didn t give up, and I kept going. My weight changed, I lost inches but it certainly was drastic!
Then someone introduced me to Groupons, and Revolution was the first one I had ever bought. I tried it, loved it, and became a groupon addict.  If a fitness groupon came out I would buy it and give it a try!  I also began a weight loss program and finally my weight started to fall…until it didn t. I hit my plateau and was happy to stay where I was. I was down to 135lbs, and feeling good.
Revolution offered another deal, and of course I jumped on it. I had tried several places over the year since I had first come to Jamie, and I was able to see instantly that none of the others places I had tried came close to the workout I was getting with Jamie.  He wasn t willing to let me settle for less than my best. His work outs shot me out of my plateau and the first week I had finally dropped below the 135lbs that I was comfortable with!
His workouts are great. They push you to limits that you didn t think you had in you!  He adds that personal touch and makes sure to correct your technique as to avoid injury!  To me that is a big deal. Several of the others places I had tried, didn t seem to worry about technique like Jamie did and even lead to injury!  Some were more concerned about keeping up with the pace of the class and allowed for poor moves.  Combine the intense workouts with his nutrition program, and you have the recipe for great results!!!
I can t thank Revolution enough for pushing me to reach a goal I didn t even know I wanted to achieve!  When I went to Meet the Teacher Night, my daughter s teacher said to me, “So, Morgan tells me you are an athlete!”  I was shocked!  I am many things, but I have never thought of myself as an athlete. I guess all I had to do was see myself through someone else s eyes!