Throwdown Challenge 1- 2017


What is the Throwdown Challenge?

This is a semi annual, 4 person ( 2 men, 2 women) team based event held here at the REV Fitness Studio. There are 5 separate fitness related events that each team must complete, and the team achieving the highest point total at the end of the event will receive the Throwdown Challenge trophy.

What kind of events are in the Throwdown Challenge?

This is something that you will not find out until the day of the Challenge! That way there is no prep, and you can’t just put together a team that is strong in certain fitness aspects. This challenge will favour the well-rounded fitness individual, and the rookie that just wants to have fun as well! An example of the type of event: A 90lb Prowler relay for 120 yards OR team tug of war OR Burpee/Pushup Challenge Head to Head….just to give you an idea!

How do I sign up my team?

Email us at and we will send you out an info pack, sign up form and provide payment options. To fill in the form you will need the email and phone numbers of your team mates, as well as t-shirt sizes. You can access the sign up form at this link as well: Registration Form

When is the registration deadline?

Your team must be registered and paid by Monday, July 3rd, 2017.

If you have any questions or concerns, definitely contact us at or on our FB page at